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Turkey Rafting

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Welcome Rafting in Turkey
Adventure river rafting holidays in Turkey,
Turkey has plenty of mountains and excellent rivers for white water river rafting. As well as being an thrilling action sport, rafting in Turkey is also an excellent way to see aspects of the country that most visitors never see.

 The routes are generally in remote areas which require a drive off the beaten track, through forests, mountain passes and traditional villages, before reaching the river. The local people are friendly and welcoming, and on camping trips in particular you have the chance for more interaction with the local way of life. An exciting sport by itself, white water rafting is made even more thrilling by affording you access to some of Turkey's most remote and beautiful landscapes. Raft past farmlands, orchards, villages, castle ruins and more as you see this gorgeous country in a way that no visitor on foot can imagine.

Rafting holidays in Turkey
Turkey is not only sun drenched beaches, spectacular mosques and tasty kebabs! It can also lay claim to one of the most thrilling whitewater adventures that you will ever embark on.

Our company offers long distance river rafting trip, river side camping, corporate rafting events, daily rafting tours for individuals and groups in Turkey.
Easy booking via internet, changes and cancellation by phone...For booking your rafting trip, please fill online rafting booking form.
Rivers for Rafting in Turkey

Koprulu Canyon
Dalaman Stream
Çoruh River
Melen River
Manavgat River
Fırtına Creek
Barhal River
Alara River
Karasu ( Fırat )
Munzur River
Tigris River
Meandros River
Seyhan River
Gediz River
Aras River
Porsuk River
Kocasu Creek
Kızılırmak River
Yeşilırmak River
Murat River
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